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Will No One Rid Me Of This Troublesome Mayor?

NPG D23967; Thomas Becket by Anker Smith, after  Robert SmirkeProbably not the best way to go about it.

Emmet MacFarlane over at the Globe and Mail has an interesting column on Mayor Rob Ford’s apparent belief that, over and above everything else that makes him Ontario’s personal laughing stock, association with known criminals is no reason for him to step down as the mayor of Toronto. We need, he proposes, a way to remove an incumbent from office in circumstances like this, something that currently isn’t possible at the municipal level of government. The ability of the provincial govt to impeach,he feels, would do the job nicely when a local govt fails to keep the public trust between elections. I have to admit that the idea intrigues me. I live in Halifax and frankly, I would have liked to have seen our previous mayor gone before his time. I was far from alone in this. I can’t help but worry though, that provincial oversight with the ability to impeach a mayor or council for that matter would be more power than some premiers should have. Municipal/provincial interests don’t always mesh. I trust the various levels of government to do what’s right for them. Giving the legislature power to rid themselves of a troublesome obstacle  could easily cause as many problems as it might solve.

4 thoughts on “Will No One Rid Me Of This Troublesome Mayor?

  1. I’ve thought for some time now that Rob Ford is really just a sock puppet for his brother. Whenever something inconvenient happens Rob yells at the media and Doug comes along a little later to make the pronouncements. Maybe Doug wanted to be mayor but without all the hassle that comes with the job.


  2. The link in the post doesn`t seem to work for me:

    Greatest moment in the Doug Ford Bluster of the Day: asking the press if he should be intimidated by the police chief. Webster needs to put that next to `non sequitur`in the dictionary. They have become so predictable and yet so nonsensical that they are turning into the Piranha Brothers from Monty Python. The fact that one of them is already named Doug makes the analogy that much easier.


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