Unwise Crack

Mayor Rob Ford, according to multiple media outlets, has now admitted, for the record, that he smoked crack cocaine while he was Mayor. This, by definition, is an illegal act, so this should actually be the beginning of the end. 

You have to give the guy credit in that he may be the only person in history who is in some way convinced that the `You didn`t ask me the right questions`defence might actually work. 


10 thoughts on “Unwise Crack

  1. After listening to his brother call for the chief of police to step down and Rob Ford himself admit to drug use (with provisions) so soon after, does anyone else think that Ford has decided to openly blow it all up himself so that he can walk away from the stress and pressure, and what I’m convinced is his brothers behind the scenes control of the mayors office? Even the National Post is calling him the worst mayor ever and dissecting his record with blunt instruments. It’s now very obvious that he wasn’t the small government savior that his supporters were hoping for.

    In a way though, Ford is the archetype of the current conservative ideology. He started from the view that government is incompetent and then he set out to prove it. So, in that light, job well done Rob. Congratulations.


  2. It’s a well known fact that being blind drunk mitigates all other criminal acts subsequently committed. Also: Consequences are for people who aren’t Conservative.


  3. Justin admitted for the record that he smoked pot while he was an MP. This is, by definition, an illegal act, so this should be the beginning of the end???????


  4. Yes, he did. He did not lie about it for a year beforehand, though. And, he didn’t admit to doing it while in office. Not any more legal, true, but somehow less shitty.


  5. You’d think that Tom but frankly cops, in Canada at least, rarely give a fuck about someone sparking up some weed. I’ve actually seen cops take a joint from a guy smoking on the street, tell him to smarten the hell up and send him on his way. I think this accurately reflects how the majority of Canadians view pot. As a leafy form of beer with no hangover. If the guy had gotten troublesome then maybe more would have happened but lets be honest, pot smokers aren’t known for creating trouble. And lets be blunt here. Justin Trudeau admitting to smoking pot (and he’s not the first politician to admit this) doesn’t carry the same impact as Rob Ford, who is widely viewed as an almost monthly train wreck in progress at this point, smoking crack and consorting with known criminals. I’ll take this a step further. I don’t personally care what substances people take on their own time to unwind. I don’t live in Toronto and have no dogs in this race. However, Ford has given his constituents so many reason to lose faith in his ability to do his job that smoking crack is just an addendum to the rest of it. Some of his constituents need to stop doubling down on the denial and maybe insist the man examine his actions honestly.


  6. Tom, I have to agree with Kevvy on this – Justin’s admission was not preceded by lies, evasions, deflections, bullying, accusations of conspiracy, and bluster. It’s not the act (bad as it is) but the entire list of events that surrounded it that should bring pause to the voters of TO.

    In any case, someone else’s failings are not at issue – Ford’s are. I’m not asking for perfection, merely trustworthiness and an assurance that the guy in charge isn’t spending his time in crack houses. Not much to ask as a citizen. He has undeniably done some of what he promised to do, but along the way he has lost all moral and possibly even legal authority, if he is charged and convicted of a crime. Doug Ford is no better, in my opinion.


  7. Worst misread headline ever. I just clicked on the CBC website and there is an article titled “Rob Ford Crack Scandal: The Lingering Questions”. In my hasty scan of the headlines, I read “the lingerie questions” and threw up in my mouth a little.


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