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The Sound of… Silent?

It occurs to me that the use of the phrase “silent majority” implies some sort of misguided supposition that the person using the phrase is correct and others who constitute the more vocal (and generally ‘liberal’) constituents are really uninformed and in reality only have small numbers behind them despite the significant number of voices speaking out on an issue.

Has this ever been proven to be true? Why, if you are in the majority, are you and your compadres not speaking up, given you have the supposed moral high ground? Why stay silent? Are you sneaking up on us? Are there secret armies of right-wing ninjas out there somewhere? (geez, I hope not)

I suspect the opposite to be true: “silent majority” actually means “I recognize that nobody else agrees with me but I’m going to pretend to be on the winning side anyway to make myself feel better.” It’s actually the verbal equivalent of thumb-sucking.


2 thoughts on “The Sound of… Silent?

  1. I’ve always wondered about that phrase. If they’re a majority, why are they being silent? Are they scared? Maybe they held a meeting,decided they didn’t like the guy speaking up and are declining to be associated with him. Or more likely, you got it right and deep down the one making the noise knows where everyone else stands on his pet issue and it’s not with him but he’ll go to his grave before he admits that he’s alone.


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