Is there a cure?

In what I presume is an attempt to seem sensitive, and not schadenfreude-istic, many people who want Mayor Ford to step down say that they want the Mayor to seek treatment for his substance abuse problems.  That is fine, and probably a prudent way to prevent the guy from killing himself and destroying his family.

But I have to ask this big picture question, which I think relates more to the problem Rob Ford (and Toronto) suffers from:  Is there a cure for severe, unapologetic narcissism?  Perhaps a psychiatrist could chime in.


2 thoughts on “Is there a cure?

  1. The foundation for Ford’s narcissism comes directly from his powerful support group, the people who have closed ranks around him. That would be his mother, his sister, his brother and his wife.

    They stick to the talking points that he now repeats. Ford is not an alcoholic, he is not addicted to drugs, he doesn’t have a substance abuse problem of any variety – he’s just fat. His mother crafted that narrative and they’re all signing from the same hymnal now.


  2. Hmm…I found this on Dr. Google. Perhaps there is hope for Rob Ford, but after reading the first paragraph, I think not:

    Therapy can be especially difficult because clients are often unwilling to acknowledge the disorder. This difficulty in treatment is often compounded by the fact the insurance companies are focused on short-term treatments that minimize symptoms such as depression and anxiety, but ignore the underlying problems.

    Cognitive-behavioral therapy is often effective to help individual’s change destructive thinking and behavior patterns. The goal of treatment is to alter distorted thoughts and create a more realistic self-image. Psychotropic medications are generally ineffective for long-term change, but are sometimes used to treat symptoms of anxiety or depression.


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