A Tale Told of an Idiot: Ranting about Robbie

With apologies to William Shakespeare

I won’t bother linking to the many news stories on the web about Rob Ford’s pedophilia accusation. There are too many of them anyway.  What can you even say about Rob Ford anymore? Every week he proves again that he’s failed as a human being. He’s barely worth the effort of contempt. I’m saving my scorn and derision for Ford nation, a political body that deserves all of it that we can heap upon them and much more besides. They’re the ones whose childish spite towards the elite of Toronto  anyone who’s different  put Ford in office. And let’s not forget the selfishness that keeps them supporting this guy.  You don’t have to look to deeply into comments sections to start finding claims that it’s better to have a drug using bully with friends in organized crime for a mayor than the alternatives because the bully said he’d save them a few dollars on their taxes. Their general consensus that only Rob Ford is willing to do that and that a guy born into money is one of the little guys is a straight up example of willful blindness. I’m convinced that Paul Bernardo could get their votes if he made the same promises. Hell, if they vote for me I promise to not raise taxes and not be a perpetual train wreck and stumbling buffoon of a man. And I’ll record my drunken stupors, which will make keeping track of the crack use (which in some circles is apparently viewed as mandatory for the mayor of Toronto) that much easier. I may have to move to the Greater Toronto Area, although I’ll bet that Ford nation doesn’t see residence as a requirement as long as I don’t live in downtown Toronto.


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