Canadian politics

Careful words

Note the careful words, words that are worthy of a former Prime Ministerial spokesweasel:

“I deeply regret the ordeal this has been for my family,” he said. “There’s been no way to shield or protect them.”

The ordeal, of course, is Dean Del Maestro’s trial on charges of intentionally mis-representing campaign expenditures and ignoring spending guidelines that helped put him in higher office. The ordeal comment reeks of self-pity (“no way to protect them!”) and likely false concern for his family and their tribulations without any shred of acknowledgment of his guilt, as if it was all something just happening to him and his family. Pity the poor victim! The victim of a “judge’s opinion”.

He is a disgusting creature, pitifully begging for clemency during the sentencing phase. The longer we can keep worms like him in the public eye, the better our chances of eliminating the rest of them in October.

Canadian politics

One would think…


One would think that the question “How many jobs will be created by the federal budget?” when asked of the bloody finance minister who had just delivered the thing would get a better worded response than “dunno“. If jobs were the teeniest tiniest concern for this government, one would think that at least a pat answer if not an actual analysis (heaven forbid!) would have been prepared.

One would think.