Canadian politics

One would think…


One would think that the question “How many jobs will be created by the federal budget?” when asked of the bloody finance minister who had just delivered the thing would get a better worded response than “dunno“. If jobs were the teeniest tiniest concern for this government, one would think that at least a pat answer if not an actual analysis (heaven forbid!) would have been prepared.

One would think.


3 thoughts on “One would think…

  1. So when they tell us they’re creating jobs, we know they’re just full of it, right? I mean, who’s stupid enough to believe the propaganda when it comes streaming out like endless horse manure?
    The simple truth is that when it comes to the economy, the Cons don’t know what they’re doing, they LIE like cheap rugs and hope we’ll get away (probably because they will).


  2. Frankly,I am surprised at how poorly they are doing. The only thing that I thought Harper could do right was maybe, just maybe, manage the economy, having his background in economics and all. But no, he and his team of meat puppets are dreadful.


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