Probably Someone Left the Refrigerator Open Again

photo credit to Johnny Ward of One Step Forward blog and yes, it was as cold there as it looks.

I love winter. I enjoy the cold and the wind. I love the watery quality to the light that you get here around 3:00pm on a sunny day and the silence of the forest around my cabin where the snow absorbs every sound. I even spent an hour or so today at Lawrencetown Beach watching the snow squalls roll in with the big combers, remembering when I used to sail for a living and how much I enjoyed steering a warship in that kind of weather.

Having said all of that, I recognize that my view on the season isn’t shared by all North Americans, particularly those who are experiencing  the wonder and joy of the polar vortex and all that that entails. However, there’s good news! Rush Limbaugh, the worlds most little known meteorological genius and well known clear thinker has declared it all to be a hoax . He’s never heard of one. Apparently you haven’t either and so  the Global Warming industrial complex, the one that Rush can prove controls the media, have invented it to push their own, probably socialist, purposes. Because if there’s anything Rush and his buddies are sure of it’s that things that they’ve never heard of before don’t exist. So take heart you poor freezing tea party supporters. Rush is ever ready to dig up a comforting truth for you.  Climate change on a global scale isn’t happening or creating catastrophic, world-wide weather events and all is as it should be,always has been and always will. I do have one question though. Does Limbaugh really believe the stuff he dreams up or is he actually the world’s greatest performance artist with a really long term act?


A Tale Told of an Idiot: Ranting about Robbie

With apologies to William Shakespeare

I won’t bother linking to the many news stories on the web about Rob Ford’s pedophilia accusation. There are too many of them anyway.  What can you even say about Rob Ford anymore? Every week he proves again that he’s failed as a human being. He’s barely worth the effort of contempt. I’m saving my scorn and derision for Ford nation, a political body that deserves all of it that we can heap upon them and much more besides. They’re the ones whose childish spite towards the elite of Toronto  anyone who’s different  put Ford in office. And let’s not forget the selfishness that keeps them supporting this guy.  You don’t have to look to deeply into comments sections to start finding claims that it’s better to have a drug using bully with friends in organized crime for a mayor than the alternatives because the bully said he’d save them a few dollars on their taxes. Their general consensus that only Rob Ford is willing to do that and that a guy born into money is one of the little guys is a straight up example of willful blindness. I’m convinced that Paul Bernardo could get their votes if he made the same promises. Hell, if they vote for me I promise to not raise taxes and not be a perpetual train wreck and stumbling buffoon of a man. And I’ll record my drunken stupors, which will make keeping track of the crack use (which in some circles is apparently viewed as mandatory for the mayor of Toronto) that much easier. I may have to move to the Greater Toronto Area, although I’ll bet that Ford nation doesn’t see residence as a requirement as long as I don’t live in downtown Toronto.

Canadian politics, Conservatives, Stephen Harper

If I Go There Will Be Trouble….

with apologies to The Clash

Here’s a few names for you.  Richard Hatfield, Kim Campbell and Brian Mulroney.  What’s the significance you ask?  Well, One was flung out of power like a union rep in a Walmart, bringing about a one party legislature in New Brunswick, one learned from his example and skipped town before it happened to him and one got to take the blame and become the PM that saw her party flung out of power like the aforementioned union rep.  Say what you will about Mulroney but he could read the writing on the wall and decided that he wasn’t going to be another Dick Hatfield.  He’ll let Kim Campbell hold that honour instead and more power to her.

Which brings us to Prime Minister Harper, who, with a senate scandal around his neck that looks to get worse before it gets better and more importantly, before the election, may be thinking that Mulroney had the right idea.  Or so John Ivison says and I can see no reason to doubt him.  Like Mulroney, Harper has always been pretty good at reading the wind.  He’d be a fool if he’s not thinking that his political legacy could easily turn into being known as the second Kim Campbell, given recent bi-election results and the press that he and the CPC are getting.  I’m sure that he’s done many other things he’d prefer to be remembered for.  Besides Mike Duffy and the Rob and Doug Ford never-ending  train wreck are the most recognizable conservative faces right now and don’t look to be going away.  Entitled scam artists and substance abusing bullies don’t generate a lot of sympathy and will be remembered in 2015.  I’m pretty sure that Harper would like to be a distant memory by then.


Credulity Strain Level: Expert

Just a quick post on something that’s occurred to me about the Senate/PMO implosion. Does anyone really believe that with RCMP indictments being handed out to everyone around him that a control freak like Darth   Prime Minister Harper wasn’t aware of what was happening? Besides which, if his staff members were keeping him in the dark then why haven’t they been replaced yet?


I Got Nuthin’

I want to post something about Mayor  Guy They Let Wear The Big Gold Chain Rob Ford. Something concise and insightful perhaps, with an underpinning of satire. I can’t because I’ve been reading the latest news on the Rob Ford front. It’s all gone past that now and  the best that I can manage is sarcasm, if I could be bothered.  Robbie, if you’re reading this, it’s not us. It’s you. No one cares any more if you get help but it’s time to go. If for no other reason than because, and I can’t be the only one doing this, you shouldn’t have people opening the daily news sites to see if you’ve had your inevitable stress/rage induced heart attack yet. Also, You’re a crap mayor.


November 11th, 1100 hours


It’s Remembrance Day. It doesn’t matter if you have friends or family that have served their time in uniform, though I suspect that most of you do.  It doesn’t matter whether you choose to wear a red poppy or a white one or whether, as you should be, you’re against war or if you believe that sometimes it serves its purpose.  It doesn’t matter if you think that the war in Afghanistan was our solemn duty or a moral travesty and a rape of our nations resources.  Go to a cenotaph today.  Remember the men and women that gave up a part of their private life and those that didn’t came home. They all had their own reasons for going, and it wasn’t always for King and Country.  Some went because of a sense duty owed and belief in what they were doing, some for the adventure, some just because a steady paycheque was enough to get bring them in.  But they went when they were asked.  Some still do.  Today is the day for setting aside our own opinions and our political interests, left or right,  to honour them and what they gave up.


Remember, Remember The Fifth Of November. And Remind Your Government Too.


   Remember, remember the fifth of November,
The gunpowder, treason and plot,
I know of no reason
Why gunpowder treason
Should ever be forgot
Guy Fawkes, Guy Fawkes, ’twas his intent
To blow up the King and Parliament.
Three score barrels of powder below,
Poor old England to overthrow;
By God’s providence he was catch’d
With a dark lantern and burning match.
Holloa boys, holloa boys, make the bells ring.
Holloa boys, holloa boys, God save the King!
Hip hip hoorah!

Tomorrow, November 5th, is Guy Fawkes Day. A day in which people the width and breadth of England gather together to celebrate a love of all things burnable and exploding and, to some extent, alcoholic and more power to them. I’ve a fondness for those things myself.  It was also, according to my Grandmother from Yorkshire, a tradition for children to beg for change to pay for fireworks or more often,  as much candy as you could get down your neck. Money is money. Candy is candy.  Kids aren’t over-burdened by pride in such matters.

Of course the whole thing was originally a celebration of the foiling of a devious papist plot to blow up parliament and kill James I, leading to the more recent belief that Fawkes was the only man to ever enter parliament with honest intentions. This, to my mind, makes the current take on Guy Fawkes as a protest symbol for us lowly commoners a bit ironic, not least because every time someone buys one of those V for Vendetta masks Time-Warner, a very establishment media company, gets a cut. However, Fawkes’ torture and subsequent traitors death (Look it up. He died before it was all done but they finished up anyway. It’s not pleasant) were meant to be a celebration of an evil doer’s failure to cripple the government after all. I think that he’s become rehabilitated to many of us.  Still, as I age I find that I become both more tolerant and more radical in my views. I kind of like the way old Guy has been rehabilitated. Apparently Alan Moore, the author of V for Vendetta, does as well. You should look that up too. So tomorrow night launch a few fireworks to celebrate the occasion. Maybe light up a long clay pipe and wear a tall, funny looking hat, if such is your inclination, and if you think like me, remember, people shouldn’t fear their government. The government should fear us.