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Pay off Dion’s debts?

I’ve seen the following posted on Rabble enough to start believing it: Dion will instruct Liberals to either vote with the Conservatives or to continue taking vacation days until his considerable debts are repayed. According to this Star article, Dion’s leadership campaign still owes in excess of $300,000, and will not be debt free any time this summer.

So I propose the following, as a voter tired of the monkey games the Liberals are playing in the house, and the free ride the Conservatives are getting: Let’s start a movement to repay Dion’s debts! Let’s make it clear that the movement is being pushed by a group that considers both he and his party incompetent. A grassroots movement that we should call “do your fucking job, you corrupt bastards”.

Although, maybe we should wait until Elections Canada has a chance to sort out the legality/illegality of the Con’s massive in-and-out scheme, first.

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Who’s the good Liberal? You’re the good Liberal, there, there boy…

I’ve been pretty busy this week and only today I looked up and noticed that the Liberals have once again aknowledged a piece of legislation was “regressive” but voted for it anyway – this time on changes to immigration policy that the Tories tried to jam through in their omnibus budget bill.

Has anyone kept track of how many times the Liberals have plugged their noses and voted for something they publicly stated they didn’t agree with because they are afraid of an election? Surely it’s getting to the point by now that thinking members of the Natural Self-Love Party are beginning to shift uncomfortably in their seats.

It’s even got me thinking that Jack Layton isn’t doing a half-bad job after all this time. I know, I know, it’s easy for the NDP to act like they’ve got little or nothing to lose because they have little or no chance of winning real power, but if the Liberals keep acting like they are afraid to lose, they will never win. Come over to the orange side, my Liberal friends, where the political manouvering is motivated by a desire for victory rather than a fear of defeat.

Fear can only take you so far, and well, you’re there already.

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Liberals to introduce childish twat motion

I just finished putting my five- and seven-year olds to bed and fire up the laptop to read:
Liberals to introduce ‘told you so’ motion slamming NDP, Bloc. Yep, the Liberal Party of Canada, the party of Trudeau, Laurier, and Pearson is brought to whining in the House that they weren’t given warm milk at bedtime sufficiently supported by the NDP and Bloc in 2005, and the result is a big, bad Tory wolf that they don’t have the balls power to control or contain. Gee, if only the other parties would agree sometime to bring them down – oh, wait, they have, like a hundred times in the last two years!

Perhaps if Stephan(i)e Dion dropped a pair, and gave the Canadian public reason one to trust him, he might find a receptive electorate. Otherwise, if he continues to hide behind his mother’s skirt waiting for the right time to peek act, he will get to watch as the Tory minority becomes a majority right before his eyes, and his leadership (snicker) of the Liberal Party becomes one of those things that will cause future Liberals to cough and uncomfortably fuck with their ties anytime it comes up in conversation.