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It is on… apparently

With the new round of polls in the hopper and the NDP surge from their surprising provincial victory in Alberta quantified, if it didn’t before, it looks like the national election campaigns are firmly up and running for the three major political parties. The campaign ads are beginning to appear and the editorials are getting written. The Cons, awash with ca$h, have traditionally thrown the early punches, hitting often and hard against Ignatieff and Dion, after early swipes at Trudeau seemed heavy-handed and churlish, have decided a different approach, softer and, if anything, more condescending.

In these opening rounds, it looks like the Conservatives have been caught a bit by the upsurge of the NDP in national polls and they are still targeting Trudeau’s Liberals. Ad making takes time, and I’m sure that if the NDP lead is maintained for any length of time, even a week or three would be enough, the attack machine will roll out against Mulcair and his party.

Things are gonna get interesting.

I should tack onto the end of this little post the Globe and Mail piece on Mulcair’s success in Quebec and ponders whether the NDP can hold onto the “Orange Crush” seats won in 2011. If they can, and if they are the real regional opposition to the Conservatives in the West, October might well be a two-horse race.

Though maybe not the two horses most people would have predicted a year or so ago.

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Pay off Dion’s debts?

I’ve seen the following posted on Rabble enough to start believing it: Dion will instruct Liberals to either vote with the Conservatives or to continue taking vacation days until his considerable debts are repayed. According to this Star article, Dion’s leadership campaign still owes in excess of $300,000, and will not be debt free any time this summer.

So I propose the following, as a voter tired of the monkey games the Liberals are playing in the house, and the free ride the Conservatives are getting: Let’s start a movement to repay Dion’s debts! Let’s make it clear that the movement is being pushed by a group that considers both he and his party incompetent. A grassroots movement that we should call “do your fucking job, you corrupt bastards”.

Although, maybe we should wait until Elections Canada has a chance to sort out the legality/illegality of the Con’s massive in-and-out scheme, first.