2015 Election

Vote Together

I’m all in favour of voting your conscience. I’m all in favour of voting for the person who best will represent your riding. However, in the screwed up system that we currently have, your ballot gets used to determine both MP and governing party. And, since a party in power will whip the vote to keep its members in line, I would say it’s obvious that the most important thing that your vote does is choose the leadership in Ottawa.

With the Liberals and NDP splitting 60 – 65% of the popular vote, it is obvious that a majority of the Canadian population is fed up with the Conservative government currently in power. Unfortunately, our screwed up first-past-the-post system could still elect a Conservative majority in October with only a few percentage points more than they have right now. We can’t let this happen.

Vote Together promises to keep you abreast of which candidate is most likely to defeat the Conservatives in your riding. Go there now and sign up – let’s organize to use the ridiculous FPtP system to return sanity to the government.

It would be no surprise to readers that I bleed a bit of orange, but if I have to vote Liberal to keep a Conservative out of my riding, I will, dammit. I have in the past and I will again if I must. I’ll plug my nose, make no mistake, but I will do it.

Go sign up at the link and make your vote a true ABC vote this time. They fucking deserve it.


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